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Customer Alert

We need to inform you, our current customers, that WIFIMadison’s service will officially be ending November 30, 2021. 


We have had several serious service outages in the past month and while trying to diagnose the issues, we have determined with the help of our vendor, that the hardware on which we are running is at the end of its lifecycle. It can no longer be supported reliably.


What does this mean to you as the customer? 


All current subscriptions have been canceled. You should not be billed anymore. 


If you were one of the few who aren’t affected by the current outage and your service still works, it will continue to work until November 30. But there will be no support as of September 27, 2021.


As far as your wireless modem goes, we ask that our customers please recycle it responsibly, per city guidelines. 


We do apologize for the inconvenience that this causes. We have tried to keep the service affordable and working as long as possible, but all technology eventually reaches a point where it is no longer supportable. That time is here for WiFiMadison, and we thank you for your past patronage.

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