Price Change!

Sadly, WiFiMadison has found it necessary to increase its monthly subscription fee, from $20/mo to $30/mo.

Over the last couple of quarters, we have found that our fixed overhead costs (paying our network provider its monthly access fees, paying credit card processing fees, paying for server and hosting costs for our website) have been higher than we anticipated and are not sustainable with current membership fees.

So we have reluctantly been forced to raise our monthly subscription fee. We believe WiFiMadison still compares very favorably to the alternatives, given that our wired competitors currently charge around $45/mo for the first year and more like $75/mo after that.

We apologize for the need to raise prices, but this increase is necessary to allow us to continue offering you a less-expensive alternative…

Holiday hours

Happy holidays everybody. Our customer helpdesk will be closed from 12 PM CST on the 24th and will reopen at 9 AM CST on the 26th. If you have connectivity issues please email support.

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  • Net-Neutral 100% 100%
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