WiFiMadison Terms & Conditions



– A Wi5 Connect preconfigured router must be purchased to connect to the 4G network.

– The router must be purchased online with credit or debit card, from the WiFiMadison website, as part of a WiFiMadison membership.

– Monthly subscription fees of $20 must be paid by recurring credit or debit card charge. Non-payment of subscription fee will result in the router’s access being disabled until payments are current.

– Router can be returned within one month if reception is not adequate at your location. WiFIMadison will issue a refund of fees paid minus one month’s subscription fee and a $25 restocking charge. Best test of “adequate reception” is the ability to watch a Netflix or YouTube streaming video.

– Wi5 Connect Internet service is best-effort and not guaranteed.

– If an upgrade device becomes available, you may upgrade for a fee. There may be a discount for returning the old device.

– Speeds are not symmetrical (upload vs download) and are not guaranteed. Depending on location, estimated speeds for Wi5 Connect Internet are 8-20 Mbps down, 1-2 Mbps up. Speeds will vary by time-of-day, user-load, and some weather conditions.

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them as required by participation in the WIFiMadison program. I understand that WiFiMadison and/or 5NINES have the right to terminate the service at any time.

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