The Basics is a buyer’s club for bandwidth, organized by Osmond Technologies. is a retail reseller of a “4G fixed wireless” network built and operated by 5NINES as its “Wi5 Connect” service.

We buy in bulk and insulate 5NINES from the masses of pesky retail customers (you). By operating on an “ultra-lean” business model (online credit-card sales only, limited hours of phone support, no wiring needed) we can offer you residential, medium-speed, net-neutral Internet access at an amazingly low price, if your home has good reception. was founded as a response to the rapacious pricing of existing, monopoly Internet providers. does not believe it is appropriate that families should have to pay $100+/mo just to participate in the global Internet from the comfort of their own homes. Combined with the looming threats to Net Neutrality, it was clear that the time was right to leverage 5NINES expertise and existing investment in local infrastructure to give local households affordable, Net-Neutral access to the Internet.

“The Internet interprets Greed as Damage, and routes around it.”: Welcome to your affordable route-around Internet access club!

So what's the catch?
1) Coverage can be spotty: just like your voice cellphone, a fixed-wireless Internet service can be blocked by hills and large buildings. So not every address in the City of Madison will be covered. And some addresses just outside the city limits will be covered. And thick masonry walls or metal siding can weaken the signal inside your house, so the wireless modem should be placed near a window for best reception.

Fixed-wireless is a “best-effort” service: like your cellphone, coverage is what it is. Our coverage map shows where reception is predicted to be good and where it’s likely to be bad. And if your residence turns out have poor reception despite the prediction, WiFiMadison will refund your membership within the first month.

2) You need to buy a new WiFi router. Fixed-wireless services utilize a “dual-radio modem-router”: a small box that contains a standard WiFi router which also  talks to 5NINES’ base-stations. Buying your router is your “membership fee”: each new customer pays for their end of the 4G fixed-wireless connection; 5NINES has already invested in their half, plus the connection to multiple “fat-pipes” to the Internet.

So just what is "medium speed Internet service"?
The FCC currently defines “Broadband” as a minimum of 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload. These speeds are pretty easily attainable over expensive, hard-to-maintain, failure-prone copper-pairs, co-ax cable, or fiber. But it is also vast overkill for most residential Internet users. Netflix recommends 3 meg for Standard Definition movies and 5 meg for Hi-Def movies. Email, web-browser, losing way-too-much time on Facebook: all these take only tiny slivers of bandwidth.

So while 25 meg True Broadband may be necessary for Virtual Reality apps or online real-time gaming, the typical household watching one or two video streams, doing emails, browsing some websites, and posting to Facebook can live quite comfortably on a diet of 10-20 Mbps. Which is precisely what 5NINES Wi5 Connect service is designed to deliver, at a price that will make your budget happy.

What about my Cable TV?

Cut the Cable Cord

Cable TV is an expensive, limiting, old-fashioned way to watch the movies and shows you want. Maximize your savings by dumping that expensive “Cable/Phone/Internet bundle”: you probably already have a cellphone and there’s lots of ways to watch any movie or show you want without Cable TV.

WiFiMadison can promise you a better relationship with entertainment. We provide fast, reliable internet service that makes streaming a dream. You can finally dump cable! Enjoy a life where you save money and binge watch whatever you want at your leisure. All you need is internet, a streaming box, and a streaming service. Or just buy an inexpensive antenna and receive local, over-the-air broadcasts.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we have listed a number of devices and services for you to look at.


Once you have that solid internet connection through you will need a streaming device. There are many to choose from, but we have listed 3 reputable options. If you have a smart TV or a modern gaming system then you are already good to go.

Apple tv

Apple makes streaming content from a number of different apps easy with the Apple tv device.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon fans will love the Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote and over 17,000 available apps.


Roku devices connect to your television and make streaming a plug and play experience.

Streaming Services

There are endless options for streaming television. You can choose one subscription or as many as you want. You can be sure though that a single subscription is no where near the price you are paying for regular cable. Subscription services give you more control in terms of what you want to watch and when you watch it.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services and offers a free month trial.


YouTube offers a subscription with over 40 network channels and a few add-on options.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV has a plan with more than 65 live channels. Test Fubo out for $19.99 a month for 2 months.


Hulu offers a free 30 day trial. If you like it a subscription will run as little as $7.99 a month.

Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue has a variety of subscriptions that include live television and premium channels.(Note: Playstations do not work reliably over WiFi and require a hard-wired Ethernet connection. See the “What about my wired devoices? FAQ entry.”)

Amazon Prime Video

Get Amazon Prime Video for a low monthly cost or get it for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Sling TV

Sling TV has a couple of plans that offer free and discounted Roku devices as a part of the deal.


What if it doesn't work at my house?
Try it for a month: If Wi5 Connect does not work well in your location or fails to meet your bandwidth needs, return the router and we will refund your membership fee (minus one month’s subscription charge and a $25 re-stocking and handling fee).
Can I get a fixed , public IP address?

No, sorry: our network vendor does not support that option  at this time

What about my wired devices?
Your router box has two built-in Ethernet ports: simply plug in all the routers and miscellaneous Ethernet-connected devices you wish…